Getting Started in the Reef Aquarium Hobby

Getting Started in the Reef Aquarium Hobby Author: James W. Fatherree Photographer: Tsing Mui Adding corals may be an intimidating endeavor, but our resident reefer breaks the process down so even novice fishkeepers can take on the challenge of keeping … Continue Reading →

FAQ about Live Rocks What is live rock? Live rock is fragmented pieces of old coral reefs that broke off during storms or by wave action. These pieces then washed into shallower water where they were naturally colonized by marine life such as … Continue Reading →

Bio-Balls Don’t Go Bad, They Just Get Dirty!

By Stan & Debbie Hauter How often have you read postings or email from aquarists who complain about their bio-balls going bad? The quickest and most often suggested solution we see to this problem is to, get rid of the … Continue Reading →

Five Mistakes of a Saltwater Tank Owner

Presented below is what I view as the five cardinal mistakes of a marine aquarist. It is very unfair if aquarists take marine organisms from their natural place of breeding (in the seas and oceans) and place them in a … Continue Reading →

How to Clean and Maintain a Saltwater Aquarium

If you want the fish in your saltwater aquarium to survive, you must know how to maintain and clean the aquarium. Maintaining your saltwater aquarium involves carefully monitoring the following: Temperature Make sure the tank’s temperature is maintained between 73 … Continue Reading →

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