Clownfish Dead in 24 hrs

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Clownfish Dead in 24 hrs

Postby sherylljmnz » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:48 pm

Ano po kaya reason bakit 6 out of 10 clownfish ko nmatay in less than 24 hrs pa lng?1mo old pa then tank ko then kahapon lng inteodue ung fish sa tank..50g po tank ko and water parameters are okay before ko nilagay ung mga fish..ung iba nman fish like dory etc okay pa nman sa ngan..newbie help, nadisappoint lng ako agad.
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Re: Clownfish Dead in 24 hrs

Postby ako02ph » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:11 pm

Dalawa lang ang posibleng rason.

Una, kung pano mo sya nilagay. Baka basta mo lang nilagay sa tank mo. na stress ang mga isda pag basta basta nilalagay.
- dapat, bago ilagay. Ibabad muna yung plastic nila sa tubig ng tank mo. para yung temperature ng tank mo eh pumantay sa tubig sa plastik kung saan sila nakalagay. after 30 mins. saka mo ilipat sa tank

Pangalawa, baka nakuha sa cyanide, kaya deads.
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Re: Clownfish Dead in 24 hrs

Postby Mickynut » Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:51 am

Because of death Did you buy it? He sells fish for sale very sick.
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Re: Clownfish Dead in 24 hrs

Postby acespino2000 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:13 am

research on "ACCLIMATION"

what we usually do is as ff

1) put the new fishy in a separate container
2) drip tank water into the separate container (using oxygen hose), control the drip via hose clamp
3) if the container is filled with at least 50% tank water, put back half of the container into the tank and do the drip again
4) if container is full again , go back to #3 and do drip method again
5) depends sa fish health and sturdiness but usually this whole drip method takes 30mins-1hr and process
6) after doing the process , slowly transfer fishy from the container into the main tank
7) be sure alang aggressive fishes waiting to bully the newbies
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