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reefphilippines forum rules

Postby reefphilippines » Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:05 pm

REEFPHILIPPINES.COM Forum Rules & Regulations

Guidelines and Terms of Conditions

Please read the below-mentioned Guidelines carefully. By being a member and being able to post, you already are agreeing to stick to these guidelines at all times and at all places in the forum. Failure to abide by these rules will result in appropriate action taken accordingly.

1) Purpose: The purpose of these rules is to ensure that the forum will remain clean and easygoing on the conscience of REEFPHILIPPINES.COM readers & all its members at all times. REEFPHILIPPINES.COM Forum is a community and discipline and decorum should be maintained herein as it is done in the society.

2) Spam and Off Topic Posts: Spam is classified as an off topic or useless post that does not contribute to the topic content. Single-Smiley posts, agreement/disagreements etc can be viewed as Spam, depending on the context in which it was made and the Forum Topic.

2.1) Spaming is mostly done for one or more of the following purposes: Post count increase, assuage boredom, to be funny, an attack on a post/thread/poster or to bump a topic.

2.2) The Members should always ensure that their posts are: Constructive, well thought out, meaningful, thought-provoking and are on topic.

2.3) Members indulging in Spam/off-topic posts will be warned initially and if not compleid, the offending posts/topics will be removed it if violates any of these guidelines.

3) Flaming: Flaming is categorized as insulting or fighting verbally. Flaming will not be tolerated. If any of the members are caught flaming, the consequences will be dire. They will be warned, and if they continue to do it, action will be taken. Other forms of flaming include:
Racism, crude jokes, insults, a "diss", spam, arguing,politics and attacking a person individually.

4) Images and Content: Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit or offensive to others (specially minors). All images must be link to any photo storage sites for screening.

Signatures may contain images, but may not be any larger than 600 x 80 (unless otherwise specified). If your signature is larger than the allowed size given, or is deemed unacceptable by staff, you will be asked by a moderator to resize and/or change your image. Please also try and keep text in signatures under 5 lines. Failing to agree with a moderator's request to fix your signature will result in the removal of your signature.

5) Moderator and Forum Moderation: You may not re-edit a post that has been edited by a moderator. Impersonation of a an ADMIN or Moderator will result in immediate ban. You may not send PM's or emails advertising a forum. If you receive a PM or email like this, please forward it to a member of the staff so action can be taken. If you wish to argue a moderator's decision, you may not bring it before the community, you may request to speak privately with him or her.

6) Consequences: When in violation of any of these terms the following actions can and will be taken:

1st warning

2nd warning you are likely to be:

- Suspended (without warning your username will be suspended or put on mod queue until we see fit for you to return). This is at the staff's discretion and will not be challenged.

3rd warning On third warning you are likely to be:

- Banned (we can permanently restrict you from accessing the forums). This is an Administrator's decision and is final.


1. Your account's security is your responsibility. You will not share your username and password with someone else.

2. You are responsible and liable for what you post. Any content posted in REEFPHILIPPINES.COM are representative of their respective users' views.

3. You will respect other people's right to personal privacy and will not post any other person's identifying information, but your own.( Revealing of identity is Admins responsibility. This is Intended for spammers/ hackers / flooders who wants to bring the system down )

4. You will not use the site to convey, promote, disseminate, whether directly or indirectly, profanity, vulgarity, libelous content, defamatory content, inaccurate content,hostile remarks, or any form of 'hate speech', bigotry, discrimination, and the likes.

5. Use of REEFPHILIPPINES.COM's services implies that you've read, understood and agreed to the mentioned rules.

6. Any post that violates any of the mentioned rules may be deleted by the Admins and moderators with or without notice. The moderators reserve the right to move or delete posts that may start unnecessary comments.

7. Before creating a new topic thread, one is advised to search to see if a similar topic already exists.

8. Contributors should follow standard grammar and spelling rules and avoid slang. Leetspeak is sometimes accepted.
If the forum is categorized, one should strive to post in the correct section.

9.When making a technical inquiry, one should include as much technical information as possible, especially in the subject line.

10. Contributors are asked to stay on-topic. ALL OFF TOPIC POSTS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING

11. Contributors should avoid double posting and Crossposting.

12. To avoid appearing self-absorbed, one should respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of one's own.

13. Contributors should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.

14. One is advised not to resurrect a very old topic if nothing significant will be added. This practice is known as revival or Necroing.

15. One should try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the messageboard's staff of the event.

16. When quoting a previous post, one should only include the relevant portion of that post. Contributors are requested to keep in mind that their audience can likely still see the message they are quoting on the same screen and can read it again if need be.

17.DELETED/MOVED Topics: Any topic that has developed into a "commotion" will be edited, or to an extent, deleted, whether the content is useful or not. This is done to protect the site. This may be done upon the request of members, or through the sole discretion of Team ReefPhilippines.

18. Each member is allowed to only have one login account. Registering and using multiple accounts simultaneously is prohibited. Sharing, transferring, borrowing, or acquiring ownership of accounts is likewise prohibited and subjected for deletion and permanent banning (pm the administrator if you have questions in your account);

19. SMS spelling / language is not allowed.
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Postby reefphilippines » Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:10 pm

Commercial Guidelines :

A commercial post is defined as a post that draws attention in any way to a hobby related business that the author has a financial relationship with. For example casual employee, sales representative or owner.

Any user making a commercial post as defined above must clearly identify themselves by way of their username and/or by use of a signature in their posts. Signatures are to be limited to title, business name and contact details. Advertisements or slogans etc. are not permitted.

Commercial posts are not permitted in any forum other than the Buy And Sell Forum and Sponsors Forum

Selling thru Private Messages are also not allowed

Any postings, where the pricings is/are mentioned would be deem as commercial post in nature

Anyone deemed by the us to be contravening the letter or the spirit of the Commercial Guidelines will be dealt with as seen fit by Team Reefphilippines

The purpose of the classifieds forum is for hobbyists to sell a few items. It is not intended for the sale of items for profit. Businesses, formal or not, may not post in this forum.

All postings that equates PROFIT without permission and approval from the Admins/moderators shall be automatically move / delete without prior notice.

Examples of acceptable uses:

• Selling a used lighting system, pump, aquarium, etc.
• Selling a few extra coral frags that you grew out in your aquarium.
• Selling a few pieces of new equipment that you didn't need.
• Selling a few items you've built, such as a canopy, reactor, skimmer.

Prohibited uses:

• Selling large quantities of corals, frags, "frag packs," or new equipment.
• Advertising items for sale at a business website • Advertising auctions • Posting items for sale on a daily or weekly basis.

Postings that conflict with these rules will be removed at the discretion of the staff. Forum access may be revoked for repeat offenses.

Unsolicited negative or argumentative comments about items for sale, or prices of items, are not permissible. Violation of this rule may result in revocation of classified forum access, suspension of posting ability, or account suspension.
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Postby jolt26 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:30 pm

came across this at another forum. very simple, but very applicable :)
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Re: reefphilippines forum rules

Postby Aquaboy2011 » Wed May 18, 2011 9:12 am

I'm back :) what happened to the passwords? Had to create a new account...
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Re: reefphilippines forum rules

Postby reefgeek » Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:46 pm

I'm a new member ..unfortunately the username I chose I just found out already exists exept for the space in between. How do I change my username without changing the email account. Thanks.
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Re: reefphilippines forum rules

Postby engrchun » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:23 pm

hi RP, can u teach me how to post pictures? tnx
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Re: reefphilippines forum rules

Postby RickDavid011 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:25 pm

Hi guys, ok lang ba na 84-85'F ang temp nang aquarium?
May nabasa kasi ako na 75-78 lang dapat pero may nag sasabi din na 84-86 ano po ba ang tama at applicable dito satin?
Hope someone can help.

Thank you .
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Re: reefphilippines forum rules

Postby aquareef » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:20 am

RickDavid011 wrote:Hi guys, ok lang ba na 84-85'F ang temp nang aquarium?
May nabasa kasi ako na 75-78 lang dapat pero may nag sasabi din na 84-86 ano po ba ang tama at applicable dito satin?
Hope someone can help.

Thank you .

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